Beyond Profits

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Beyond Profits Brochure

Alumni and faculty members from the Department of Biological Sciences have founded a number of successful non-profits. To learn more about these non-profits, the founder's ties to SFU, and links to websites of the non-profits, see below.

Airmid Institute - Dr. Kelly Ablard (PhD supervisor: Dr. Gerhard Gries)
Mission: Protecting medicinal and aromatic plants for future generations

Arctic Eider Society - Dr. Joel Heath (PhD supervisor: Dr. Ron Ydenberg)
Mission: Indigenous-driven solutions for thriving communities

Alaska Whale Foundation - Dr. Fred Sharpe (PhD supervisor: Dr. Larry Dill, Professor Emeritus)
Mission: Ensuring the long-term health of marine mammals and coastal ecosystems)

Canadian Black Scientists Network - Dr. Maydianne Andrade (UG supervisor: Dr. Bernie Roitberg & Dr. Larry Dill, Professor Emeritus)
Mission: To elevate, make visible, celebrate, and connect Black Canadians in Science,Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) across sectors.

Native Bee Society of British Columbia - Dr. Sarah Johnson (PhD supervisor: Dr. Leithen M'Gonigle) and Erin Udal (Undergraduate supervsior: Dr. Elizabeth Elle)
Mission: To protect and promote British Columbia's native bees and other wild pollinators for their critical role in maintaning a healthy environment

Pacific Megascops Research Alliance - Toby St. Clair (MSc supervisor: Dr. Leah Bendell) and Jeremiah Kennedy (BSc supervisor: Dr. John Reynolds)
Mission: To collaborate for the future of BC's coastal owl

Pacific WildLife Foundation - Dr. Rob Butler (MSc supervisor: Dr. Nicolaas Verbeek, Professor Emeritus)
Mission: To inspire conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems through scientific inquiry and education

Take a stand: Youth for Conservation - Dr. Alison Kermode (Professor Emerita, Department of Biological Sciences SFU)
Mission: To inspire, motivate, and empower youth to protect and conserve the environment

Watershed Watch Salmon Society - Dr. Craig Orr (Dr. Nicolaas Verbeek, Professor Emeritus)
Mission: A science-based charity working to defend and rebuild BC's wild salmom

WildResearch - Christine Rock (MSc supervisor: Dr. David Green) and Dr. Samantha Franks (PhD supervisors: Dr. Dov Lank; Dr. Ron Ydenberg)
Mission: To build, train, and educate a community that contributes to conservation science