The Pollination Ecology Lab at SFU


Elizabeth Elle
Evolutionary Ecology of mating systems and plant-pollinator interactions

Office:  SSB8153
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Current Students and Postdocs

Lab:  B9224
Phone:  778-782-3304
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Sandy Gillespie, PhD.  
Postdoctoral researcher
email: sgillesp

Competition among bumble bees is mediated by the plant community context (specifically invasive species)

Kyle Bobiwash, PhD Candidate
email:  kbobiwas
Designing an integrated crop pollination system for blueberry in B.C.  

MichelleMichelle Toshack, MSc Candidate
email:  mtoshack
Pollinator Conservation 

Former Postdocs 

ScottScott Chamberlain, PhD
Shared NSERC-CANPOLIN post-doc with Jana Vamosi, U. Calgary

Community phylogenetics and trait distribution patterns in plants, pollinators, and plant-pollinator networks in Canada.

Scott is active in writing (and sharing) R code with
Yvonne Davila, PhD

Shared NSERC-CANPOLIN post-doc with Jana Vamosi, U. Calgary

Pollen limitation and insect visit patterns:  a review

Yvonne has returned down under where she is most definitely not faffing. She is teaching, actually.

Alida Janmaat, PhD

Extra-floral nectaries and multi-trophic interactions in Collinsia

Alida is currently an Instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley, where she continues her research on plant-insect interactions

Former Graduate Students     


Lindsey Button, MSc 2014

The effects of landscape and agricultural practices on pollination, bee diversity, and yield in Highbush Blueberry.

Lindsey is off to exciting things working in industry, for Biobest!

Julie Wray, MSc 2013

email:  julie_wray
Pollinator guild use of natural versus man-made landscapes surrounding Garry Oak Ecosystem fragments on Vancouver Island BC.  

After working on a pollinator project this past summer Julie is back for a short contract with Metro Vancouver.

Sherri Elwell, MSc 2012

Grazing intensity and plant-pollinator community interactions in antelope brush shrubsteppe of the South Okanagan

Sherri is working as an environmental consultant, based in the Lower Mainland.

Grahame Gielens, MSc 2012

Pollen limitation and plant-pollinator interaction networks in the Garry Oak Ecosystem

Grahame is currently working as an environmental consultant, based in the Okanagan.
Lisa Neame, MSc 2009.
Fragmentation effects on pollinator guilds and wildflower seed-set in an Oak-Savannah ecosystem.

Lisa also performed research on wild bee contributions to crop pollination in the South Okanagan, and is currently working as an agricultural consultant in Alberta.

Nicole Tunbridge, MSc 2009.
The effects of floral and poloidy variation on reproductive isolation in Collinsia parviflora and C. grandiflora.

Nicole is currently a limited-term lecturer at SFU..
Rachel Mayberry, MSc 2008.
The effect of environmental variation on the distribution, reproduction, and demography of a rare understory plant, Actaea elata.

Rachel recently finished a stint with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and has moved to Seattle.
Brad Kennedy, MSc 2007.
Habitat fragmentation and mating system evolution of a native wildflower, Collinsia parviflora.

Brad is currently pursuing his love of teaching at an Ontario High School.

Jay Biernaskie, MSc 2004.
Investment and allocation of nectar production in an animal pollinated plant, Chamerion angustifolium.

Jay completed his PhD at U. Toronto in 2010, and then has been at Oxford (!) for his postdoc since then.

Undergraduate Student Projects

The following is a list of students who have done Honours (15 credit), 498 (3 credit), or NSERC USRA research in the lab.  
Some of these projects have resulted in publications (see the publications page).  We've also been lucky to have many
amazing undergrad field assistants over the years,  photos on our field pix page!  
If you're interested in getting involved, either with an independent project or as a field assistant, contact Elizabeth.

2013.  Hannah Gehrels, Honours thesis.  Do habitat restorations in Metro Vancouver parks increase pollinator abundance or diversity?

2013.  Jenn Avery, 498 project.  Plant diversity in habitat restorations in the lower mainland.

2012.  Tiia Haapalainen, NSERC USRA.  Attractiveness of garden plants in Victoria to bees.

2012.  Danielle Courcelles, NSERC USRA.  Does flower shape affect visit rate and pollination deficits in blueberry?

2010.  Sarah Guindre-Parker, Honours thesis.  The timing of selfing in Collinsia.

2009.  Emily Hoffman, 498 project.  Bumblebee niche breadth in the Garry Oak Ecosystem.

2008.  Lorina Keery, 498 project.  Pollen limitation in Trillium grandiflora.

2007.  Melissa Jackson, NSERC USRA. Does watering change selection for faster growth in dry populations of Collinsia parviflora?

2007.  The Burnaby Mountain Crew (Iisak Andreller, Adam Keizer, Sean Magee, Emily Meuser, and Beth Nyboer), all 498 projects.  The spread of invasive species on Burnaby Mountain, a comparison to surveys from the 1970’s.

2006.  Mike Cartar, 498 project.  Resource allocation patterns in Collinsia.

2006.  Tara Holmes, 498 project.  Ivy removals and species diversity in lower mainland parks.

2005.  Eileen Jones, NSERC USRA.  Competition for pollinators among Garry Oak wildflowers.

2005.  Liz Fairhurst, NSERC USRA.  Pollinator competition and nectar production in Garry Oak wildflowers.

2005.  Andrew Appleton, 498 project.  Invasive species removals:  do different methods differ in success?

2004.  Shannon Turvey, NSERC USRA.  Does selection for salt tolerance explain variation in anthocyanin production in Collinsia and Mimulus?

2004.  Chrissy Czembor, Honours thesis.  Canopy gaps and reproductive success in tall bugbane.

2004.  Dorian Milner, 498 project.  The geographic distribution of plant collections in the SFU herbarium.

2003.  Sandy Gillespie, NSERC USRA.  The timing of anther dehiscence and selfing in Collinsia.

2003.  Sharla Stolhandscke, 498 project.  Nectar production from extrafloral nectaries covaries with flower size in Collinsia.

2002.  Amy Parachnowitsch, NSERC USRA.  Pollinator visit patterns in the Garry Oak Ecosystem.

2002.  Amy Parachnowitsch, 498 project.  Sex allocation in Collinsia parviflora.

2001.  Dave Bohn, NSERC USRA.  Extrafloral nectaries and the protection of Collinsia by ants.

2001.  Robert Carney, Honours thesis.  Reproductive assurance in Collinsia parviflora.

2001.  Mike Stastny, 498 project.  The evolution of increased competitive ability in introduced Senecio jacobaea.

2001.  Randy Woychuck, 498 project.  Among-population variation in anthocyanin coloration in Collinsia parviflora.