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Welcome to the E-Bird Canada project. E-Bird is an NSERC-funded international collaboration of researchers studying environmental change and avian reproduction.

Recent News

*** May 2008 *** Special Theme issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 'Integration of ecology and endocrinology in avian reproduction: a new synthesis' see PDF

March 2007: Check out AFAR - the Advanced Facility for Avian Research

Abstracts from the 3rd E-Bird workshop on Individual variation, Vancouver, March 2006 are
available here and group photo here

Funding has been awarded to Canadian students and post-docs.

Abstracts for the 2nd E-Bird workshop on Maternal effects, Seattle 2005 available here

See also the news at E-Bird Europe and news at E-Bird USA.

Researchers can now submit their papers online to the list of Papers & Presentations.

The first international E-Bird Workshop was held in Wageningen, Holland from 5–8th November 2004. The report from the 2004 Workshop is now available.

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