Biological Sciences Photo Contest 2021 Winners

April 20, 2021

Department of Biological Sciences

We are pleased to announce the winners of our second annual photo contest.  A big thank you to our expert judge, Dale Northey, for helping us again this year.  Thank you also to everyone that submitted a photo.  There were many exceptional photographs, and we will celebrate all the submissions via the department website and social media in the coming weeks. 

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Science in Action
1st - Sea cucumber science by Em Lim
2nd - Point framing by David Hik
3rd - Coral collection by Crystal McRae

Study Subject
1st - Black widow by Andi Fischer
2nd - Oak meadow by Rolf Mathewes
3rd - Réttir by David Hik

Life Under the Lens
1st - Andy Warhol's Listeria by Aaron Dhanda
2nd - Eclipse by Abigail Feresten
3rd - Navicula Diatoms by Rolf Mathewes

Wild Card
1st - Bee macro by James Pickett
2nd - Flower trichomes by Zamir Punja
3rd - Brain organoid by Ashley Jukich & Lisa Julian

In order to spread out the prizes and acknowledge more great photographers a photo could only win in one category.  In addition, while a photographer could get more than one prize it could not be in the same category and a person could only win first prize once.  For the wild card category only photos from people that had not already won in another category were included. 

Peter Hollmann, on behalf of the Outreach & Engagement Committee