Salty Science: Women’s Class WINNERS of the World’s Toughest Row - Atlantic 2023!!

January 22, 2024

Congratulations to team Salty Science!

*Originally posted on World's Toughest Row's Instagram

Saturday 20 January at 23:31 local time, Isabelle Cõté, Chantale Bégin, Lauren Shea, Noelle Helder crossed the finish line in English Harbour, Antigua after 38 days 18 hours and 57 minutes, therefore claiming victory of the Women’s Class of the World’s Toughest Row 2023. Family, friends and loved ones from all parts of the USA and Canada gathered together at Nelson’s Dockyard, elated to see their heroines after such a long yet successful campaign!

Team Salty Science have known each other for some time, and represent three generations of education and knowledge. The team shared that winning was not the goal initially; they set out to come across safely, have a good time doing it and number three was to row as fast as they could.

Throughout the race, Team Salty Science were neck and neck with the UK team, There She Rows, making the race for the Women’s Class title extremely exciting - at one point the two teams had the same ETA! What’s more, the victory was not easy to say the least. The team faced many tough obstacles along the way including tedious water-maker repairs. Thanks to their incredible grit and determination, this unit of skillful women were able to persevere triumphantly!

Team Salty Science have been raising money and awareness for the charities Bamfield Marine Science Centre, Green Wave and Shellback Expeditions.

Find out more, including how to donate to their cause at: https://saltyscience.org/