Biology students at the Undergraduate Research Symposium

May 08, 2024

The Undergraduate Research Symposium (UGRS) is an opportunity for eligible undergraduate students from all disciplines to present their original high-calibre research in a friendly and supportive environment for a diverse and interdisciplinary audience.  

Kate Earle, REM/Biological Sciences, Undergraduate Student with Tony Williams, BISC Chair

Kate Earle (Williams Lab) gave an awesome talk on her research "Do European Starlings "Expercise" in Anticipation of Fledging?" at SFU's Undergraduate Student Research Symposium.  

"I had a fantastic time sharing my work at the UGRS. The environment was welcoming and engaging. Despite the broad subject matter, the audience was supportive and asked interesting questions. Overall, the UGRS was a great place to share my research on European Starlings. I would recommend any undergraduate student to consider participating if you have research and are interested in sharing with the broader undergraduate community."

Emmanuel Hung, Biological Sciences, PhD Student

Emmanuel Hung (Gries Lab) participated as one of the panelists to share about his life in grad school as a former UGRS participant who has gone on to continue his studies at SFU after completing his undergraduate degree.

"Serving as a panelist on the topic of "Demystifying graduate school" was a really great experience! The students all asked very astute questions that brought back a lot of perspective on just how much the ins and outs of graduate training, and academia in general, are passed on by word of mouth. Conferences like the UGRS are amazing opportunities for students to participate in conversations that make research and academia more accessible!"