Vicki Marlatt

Associate Professor, Environmental Toxicology

Areas of interest

Dr. Marlatt’s interests are interdisciplinary and her research entails environmental toxicology, endocrinology, animal physiology, and molecular biology/toxicology in vertebrate and invertebrate models. For many years, she has conducted experiments that not only implement internationally validated in vivo assays to test for endocrine disruptors in fish and frogs, but also incorporate additional novel endpoints aimed at developing early onset molecular biomarkers of exposure that trigger whole organism level adverse effects (i.e. body size, deformities and/or organ level histopathology). Her current research program continues to focus on environmentally relevant, low-level chronic exposure scenarios to multiple environmental contaminants and their impacts in vertebrate models at the molecular and whole organism level. In addition to maintaining a research program in environmental toxicology, Dr. Marlatt teaches several environmental toxicology courses (e.g. graduate level mammalian toxicology and endocrine toxicology) at Simon Fraser University in one of the few professional environmental toxicology programs in Canada. Her research and teaching span human and environmental health regulations and governance in North America, Europe and international organizations, and the growing body of literature continually published and applied to these areas. Collectively, she has practiced in the field of environmental toxicology and biology for fifteen years within academic, industrial and government settings.


  • BSc, Simon Fraser University
  • MSc, University of Guelph
  • PhD, University of Ottawa


Future courses may be subject to change.