Common Course Substitutions

As part of your major, you are required to take 2-3 upper division BISC electives of your choice. Up to two of these electives can be replaced with substitute courses from other units at SFU.  You will need to check with the BISC undergraduate advisor for approval prior to registering in these courses.

Additional prerequisites may be required.  Please check the SFU calendar.

Cells, Molecules and Physiology

  • BPK 431 Integrative Cancer Biology
  • CHEM 380 Chemical and Instrumental Methods of Identification of Organic Compounds
  • CHEM 371 Chemistry of the Aqueous Environment
  • CHEM 372 Chemistry of the Atmospheric Environment
  • HSCI 321 Human Pathophysiology
  • HSCI 323 Principles of Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • HSCI 324 Human Population Genetics and Evolution
  • HSCI 338 Animal Virology
  • MBB 321 Intermediary Metabolism
  • MBB 322 Molecular Physiology
  • MBB 331 Molecular Biology

Ecology, Evolution and Conservation

  • ARCH 344 Primate Behaviour
  • REM 311 Applied Ecology and Sustainable Environments
  • REM 412 Environmental Modeling
  • REM 471 Forest Ecosystem Management
  • Field Based courses:
    • MASC (Marine Sciences) courses offered at Bamfield Marine Science Centre ( e.g. Marine Behavioural Ecology, Terrestrial & Freshwater Conservation, Coastal Community Ecology, Coastal Biodiversity and Conservation
    • Field courses offered by other institutions, e.g. Hakai Institute - Letter of permission approval is required.