4th Western Hemisphere
Shorebird Group Meeting

August 11-15, 2011

La Cuarta Reunión del Grupo de
Aves Playeras
Hemisferio Occidental
11-15 agosto 2011
(en Español)


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Symposium: Advances in Shorebird Monitoring: Evaluating the Re-distribution Hypothesis

Wildlife monitoring programs aim to provide information on population size, trend, and distribution. Shorebirds are challenging to monitor because many species have extensive annual migrations and use remote habitats during the breeding and non-breeding seasons. Further, shorebirds may respond to local changes in habitat through movements over a much a broader landscape. Thus, observed population declines from small-scale surveys may represent real declines or may be the result of behavioural changes in the distribution of birds to areas that are not surveyed (e.g., the re-distribution hypothesis or “frame bias”). New tools, survey programs, data sources, and analytical methods are becoming increasingly available that can help test this hypothesis among others using shorebird monitoring data. This symposium will highlight these advances and evaluate the extent to which they can provide novel information on shorebird populations as well as provide insight into the mechanisms driving changes in shorebird population size and distribution.  The format of the symposium will be a series of oral presentations followed by an interactive workshop aimed at identifying particularly useful advances that merit further development and attention.

For more information, contact:

Mark Drever
Environment Canada
Canadian Wildlife Service
Pacific and Yukon Region
5421 Robertson Road
Delta, BC V4K 3N2

Matthew Reiter
Point Reyes Bird Observatory
TomKat Ranch Field Station
P.O. Box 747
Pescadero, CA 94060
650-879-9293 (office)
760-417-9997 (cell)