4th Western Hemisphere
Shorebird Group Meeting

August 11-15, 2011

La Cuarta Reunión del Grupo de
Aves Playeras
Hemisferio Occidental
11-15 agosto 2011
(en Español)


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Symposium: Predators, predation danger and the ecology of shorebirds

Predators and predation danger have played a generally minor role in thought about shorebird ecology and behavior.  But over the past twenty years ecologists have learned that predators likely exert strong effects on many taxa and in many systems.  The effects are largely ‘trait-mediated’, or ‘fear-driven’ (i.e. behavioral adjustments made to reduce predation danger) rather than ‘density-mediated’ or ‘mortality-driven’ (i.e. predators kill prey).  I am seeking participants for a symposium that will examine the role that predators play in shorebird ecology and behavior.  I welcome contributions on all aspects of shorebird ecology, including migration, breeding biology, foraging, physiology, mating systems, non-breeding distribution, life history, and population dynamics.

For more information, contact: 

Ron Ydenberg
Professor and Director            
Centre for Wildlife Ecology      
Simon Fraser University          
Burnaby, B.C. Canada             
(+1) 778 782 4282  

Buitengewoon Hoogleraar
Resource Ecology Group

Wageningen University
The Netherlands
mobiele + 06 5741 1288