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Setting up MRBS for Confidential Bookings

I am guessing it is not worth spending much time on this- we have a pretty good working system. If you want information, contact me.

Requirements: only administrators and bookers can see the booking informations. Deal with username (send emails) and get phone number(s). This website http://www.edugeek.net/forums/scripts/347-mrbs-stop-booking-x-days-advance-code-mod.html gives information on how to limit the number of days in advance one can book or reserve something. mrbs_mysql_add_column.txt

This change to edit_entry.php will allow only administrators to do repeat bookings (suggested by Daniel Faulkner in the MRBS mailing list):

if ($edit_type == "series")



if ($edit_type == "series" && getAuthorised(2))

To add a new field (such as SFU_ID) (or column) for each new record entry.

I am assuming that you want to store this field value with each entry and that you have add a field to the mrbs_entry table to store the new value.

If you have added the field to edit_entry then the next step is to pass it to mrbsCreateRepeatingEntrys and mrbsCreateSingleEntry in edit_entry_handler.php. edit_entry_handler.php is called by edit_entry.php.

Then you need to modify the function mrbsCreateSingleEntry in mrbs_sql.inc to have a new argument via which the new value is passed. Next modify mrbsCreateSingleEntry to "INSERT" this value.

Finally update the other two calls to mrbsCreateSingleEntry which are made from the function mrbsCreateRepeatingEntrys in mrbs_ssql.inc.

http://www.opensource-archive.org/showthread.php?t=93908 ON my MRBS script; How can I stop people from viewing the details of the appointment, unless they are the admin or the author of that particular appointment. thanks alot for your time! -Umer Irshad On 5/9/06, Phil Greer < pgreer+@xxxxxxxx> wrote: OK, I did this before, it is just a bit of subterfuge/logic..... The tough part is, how do students log in? I have a sql db so that the create_by field is the login.  that makes it real easy to pull create_by in day, week, month, view_entry, whathaveyou and  do a compare. between create_by and the person currently logged in. it is then an easy matter  of allowing those entry titles to be seen by the user logged in but come up "***" for all others.  accept admin who gets to see all descriptions....  The only other functions you need to be mindfulof are the search and report functions as well  as the conflict error. meaning if you put in a week worth of appointments for a person  knowing that he already has many appointments it will display all of the conflicting  appointments along with info about each one.  http://osdir.com/ml/calendars.meeting-room-booking-system.general/2006-05/msg00010.html # Show the name of the booker (if permitted) in the first segment that the booking # happens in, or at the start of the day if it started before today.     if($userlevel == 2  || getUserName() == htmlspecialchars($row[7])){         $sdescr  = htmlspecialchars($row[3]);     } else {         $sdescr  = "*****";     }

More suggestions:
To prevent deleting past bookings by non-admins, enter after line 43 (after the existing lines for getting authorization and $day, $month $year and $area):
// added to prevent deleting items in the past
$today = mktime (0,0,0,date("m"),date("d"),date("Y"));

if ($info["start_time"] < $today && !getAuthorised(2))
$err = "You cannot delete anything before today";
print_header($day, $month, $year, $area, $room);

echo "

Sorry deleting past bookings is not allowed

echo $err;
echo "


include "trailer.inc"; exit; } // end past block