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We are a group of professors, postdocs, and students working on or interested in physics of "soft" materials including biological systems. Many of our members have a fluid boundary and diverse interests in their research, from pure statistical mechanics (both numerical and analytical) to theoretical/experimental biological physics (from DNA to membranes)

We have meetings/seminars approximately once a week, at which people from SFU or invited speakers from other groups give talks on their research. If you want to receive a seminar notice, please contact us so your e-mail can be added to our list. This list has a very low traffic of about one message per week (namely the abstract of the upcoming talk) at most.

Special Biophysics Seminar: Matthias Rief

Tuesday April 15
11:30 am

Mechanics of Single Protein Molecules
Matthias Rief, Physikdepartment der TU München, Germany

Proteins are amazing molecular machines that can fold into a complex three dimensional structure in a self-organization process called protein folding. Even though powerful structural methods have allowed us taking still photographs of protein structures in atomic detail, the knowledge about the folding pathways and dynamics as well as material properties of those structures is rather limited. Over the past 15 years, our group has developed single mechanical methods to study the dynamics and mechanics of protein structures. In my talk I will discuss how these methods can be used to investigate and control the conformational mechanics of individual proteins. Examples include protein folding as well as protein-protein interactions and enzyme mechanics.

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