Online Exhibits

Articles and videos featuring fascinating selections from our vast holdings of images.

Haida Tattoo

Explore this Haida cultural tradition, and learn about the tools, designs and ceremonies related to tattooing. Find out how missionaries changed the views towards this practice.

Northwest Coast Masks

Explore a digital collection of masks from the Northwest Coast and discover a cultural tradition that has survived colonialism and is flourishing in the contemporary. 


Jim Hart Dance Screen

Follow the progress of the screen as Jim and his assistants complete this massive red cedar dance screen at the Bill Reid Gallery in July and August  2012.

Gitselasu ProfCast

View two short movies created using still photographs of Kitselas Canyon, and narrated by Dr. George F. MacDonald.

Gwa'yi Community Memories

This project digitally returned photographic images taken at Gwa'yi in the late 1960s. It features image galleries with descriptions and information provided by the community.  

Haida Spruce Root Weaving

An exhibit exploring the life and work of Haida master weaver, Isabel Rorick, the politics of erasure and continuation of women's artistic production in Northwest Coast art history.

Adelaide de Menil Photography

An exhibit on the collection of photographs of the Northwest Coast taken by Adelaide de Menil in the late 1960s and generously donated in 2010. 

Chief of the Undersea World

Explore the creation of Bill Reid's Chief of the Undersea World from its beginning as a small wood carving to the full size bronze at the Vancouver Aquarium.