Reverse-yeast-protein fasta with seven glycoproteins and common contaminants



Glycopeptide Capture for Cell Surface Proteomics

Video protocol

LC-MS System (available for service)

Q-Exactive HF


A Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

Equipped with an Ultrahigh-Field Orbitrap

Provide accurate and highly sensitive detection of peptides in complex biological samples

High throughput (> 1000 proteins/h) and high sensitivity (attomole)

Discovery based shotgun proteomics and targeted PRM analysis

Easy nLC 1000


Deliver nanoliter per minute accurate and highly reproducible flow rate

Ideal for label free or PRM based analysis requring highly reproducible retension time in separation

Maxium pressure is 1000 bar suitable for columns with ultrafine resins of 3 nm or less

Ultrahigh resolution with peak with of a few seconds

Simple touch screen operation for both expert and nonexpert users

Easy-Spray source and LC columns


Provide reliable and reproducible ionization

Ensure robust nano and capilary flow and separation

Simple plug and pull operation with reproducible position of the spray tip to the MS inlet

Temperature controlled column separation with digital thermostat

Integrated column/emitter design eliminates dead volume

NanoViper fitting allows tight seal for maximum 1000 bar operation pressure


SFU rate $100/sample, Academic $150/sample, Corporate $250/sample (subject to change), Sample Submission Form

Mammalian Cell Culture Facility