2018 Jan
☆ We have two openings in the new year, please check out our Career page!

☆ Bingyun is organizing the 2018 BCPN Symposium on May 4th, the registration is open and it is free. Welcome you to submit abstracts!

2017 Dec
☆ Welcome Jay from MBB to join the group!

2017 Oct
☆ Congratulations to Gilbert for his third paper, which is published in Can. J. Chem.!

2017 Sep
☆ Our paper on optimization and modeling of MS parameters has been accepted by J. Proteome Res.!
☆ Check out the headline in GenomeWeb on our work for single-cell represented sensitive proteomics!

2017 Aug
☆ We have successfully concluded our Hands-On Proteomics Workshop !
Rustam, Drake, and Janice have delivered great talks in 2017 Chemistry Department Undergraduate Summer Presentations!
☆ Congratulations to Ameya for successful defending his MSc. thesis!

2017 Jul
☆ Welcome Drake from BPK joining the group for the joint undergraduate thesis with Prof. Glen Tibbits.

2017 May
Bingyun got her tenure!
☆ Welcome Rustam and Janice to start their Chem481 course study in the group!
☆ Welcome Sarosha and Soma from MBB , and Lai from Computer Science joining the group for their summer research!

2017 Apr
☆ We have received funding from NSERC Discovery for our research on protein-surface interactions.
☆ Congratulations to Ameya for receiving summer Graduate Fellowship!
☆ Congratulations to Rustam for his BCPN undergraduate training fellowship over the summer!

2017 Feb
☆ We have received funding to support our Hands-On Proteomics Workshop in this summer. Here is the link for details!

2016 Nov
☆ Congratulations to Prab for her first paper being accepted by Biochemistry and Cell Biology

2016 September
☆ Welcome our new MSc. student Peter from York University

2016 August
☆ Our annual BBQ and boating this year was awesome!
☆ Farewell to Xue, Yidan, and Richard who have finished their summer research

2016 July
☆ Congratulations to Amy for winning 2016 Fall BCPN undergraduate training fellowship !
☆ Welcome Yidan from Fudan University to joining in the group for her summer intern!

2016 June
Bingyun gave talks at ASMS and HPLC conferences !

2016 May
☆ Welcome Xue from Ohio University Rustam & Richard from SFU joining the lab for summer reserach!

Bingyun gave talks at Xi'an Jiaotong University in Shaanxi, Southwestern University in Chongqing, and Fudan University in Shanghai, China

☆ We start a collaboration with Xenon Pharmaceuticals !

2016 April
☆ Welcome Femi Olawale from University of Eastern Finland, and Prithi from SFU joining the lab !

Prab presented her poster on cell migration at MBB colloquim celebrating 50-year of SFU and 15-year of MBB !

☆ Congratulations to Femi Akintola winning BCPN conference travel award and presented at 8th Annual Canadian National Proteomics Network (CNPN) Symposium in Montreal Quebec !

Bingyun gave a talk at 8th CNPN symposium and University of Toronto !

2016 March
☆ Our lab is awarded 2016 Small Projects Health Research Grant !

☆ Congratulations to Yijuan, Femi and Ken for their paper in GENE !

2016 Jan
☆ Welcome Ashley joining the lab !

Bingyun visited University of Washington in Seattle, WA, USA !

☆ Happy New Year !

2015 Dec
☆ Congratulations to Yijuan, Femi and Ken for their paper in Data In Brief !

☆ We had our annual get-together to celebrate the end of the 2015 !

☆ Farewell to Alex for his complishment of four-semester workstudy in the lab !

☆ Congratulations to Prab for the graduation of the bachelor program in MBB !

2015 Oct
Femi presented his work on studies of N-acetylgucosamine as a regulant of cell surface glycosylation at Post ASMS Symposium in Vancouver !

2015 Sep
☆ Congratulations to Ameya for winning BCPN conference travel award and presented his work on "Methodology development for Quantification of Tightly Adsorbed Proteins" at 2015 HUPO World Congress in Vancouver !

☆ We successfully hosted the first Glycocapture Workshop in 2015 Pre-HUPO Congress Workshops !

2015 Aug
☆ Farewell to Biyao for her finishing of the summer intern !

☆ Congratulations to Kinny for graduating from the bachelor program in Chemistry and the finishing of the five-semester workstudy and volunteering work in the lab! Thanks for keeping the lab organized !

2015 July
☆ Welcome Biyao from Fudan University joining the lab for summer intern !

☆ We had our annual summer BBQ !

2015 May
☆ Congratulations to Yijuan and Ding for their paper in PLOS One!

☆ Farewell to Monica for finishing three-semester workstudy in the lab !

☆ Welcome Femi Akintola joining the lab !

☆ Congratulations to Camby for gradulating from the bachelor degree in MBB and the successful finishing the two-semester lab volunteering work!

2015 Apr
☆ Our review paper on membrane proteins of stem cells is published in Proteomics !

2015 Feb
☆ Our new MS and nanoUHPLC finished installation!

2015 Jan
☆ Welcome the arrival of our new MS and nanoUHPLC !

☆ Welcome Ali joining the lab !

☆ Happy New Year !

2014 Dec
☆ Congratulations to Gilbert for the successful defence of the MS degree!

☆ We had our annual year-end celebration to congratulating many people for their achievements !