Simon Fraser University’s School of Computing Science researchers are unlocking the power of computing science to create innovations that improve lives and benefit society.

The school has 42 tenure-track research faculty divided between SFU's Burnaby and Surrey campuses, plus 15 adjunct professors and 11 associate members.

Our faculty is highly active in the computing science research community and has won numerous awards, some of which include:

Research areas

The School of Computing Science focuses on six research areas:


Martin Ester

Computing Science Professor

SFU computing science professor Martin Ester—one of the world’s most influential data mining scholars—develops algorithms that allow physicians to create individualized treatment plans to reduce the likelihood of kids suffering ADRs. SFU innovation is advancing personalized medicine in pediatric oncology. See the full story >>

Jian Pei

Computing Science Professor

Think big data, and you might imagine exploding volumes of digital information as vast, faceless statistics. But for SFU computing science professor Jian Pei, ranked among the world’s Top 10 data mining researchers, people are at the heart of big data. See the full story >>