Part-time, in class Rehabilitation and Disability Management Diploma

Rehabilitation and disability management instructors

Your instructors are leading faculty members and industry professionals whom we choose on the basis of their academic credentials, experience and teaching abilities.

  • Jaye Wald

    Dr. Jaye Wald is a registered psychologist with extensive clinical and return-to-work... read more

  • Phillip Boswell

    Phillip W. Boswell is the president of Western Canadian Vocational Experts Ltd. and has been... read more

  • Karlene Dawson

    Karlene Dawson is the regional manager for Workplace Health and Safety (Interior and Northern... read more

  • Jody Hawley

    Jody Hawley, Ph.D., CCRC, MCVP, has worked in the rehabilitation industry for more than three... read more

  • Harry Monk

    Harry Monk was born in Winnipeg. He attended a residential school for blind and visually impaired... read more

  • Gurdeep Parhar

    Gurdeep Parhar obtained his Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Calgary and subsequently... read more

  • Georgia Pomaki

    Georgia Pomaki, PhD, is a research scientist specializing in health psychology.... read more

  • Dan Robinson

    Dr. Dan Robinson, CCPE, is president of Robinson Ergonomics Inc., a Canadian Certified Professional... read more

  • Avita Sharma

    Avita Sharma, M.Ed., RCC, received her master’s degree in counselling psychology from the... read more

  • Katrina Tilley

    Katrina Tilley, Reg. OT, graduated from the Occupational Therapy Program at Newcastle-upon-Tyne's... read more

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