Alyson Straub

Rehabilitation and Disability Management

Alyson Straub is a client services manager in the Case Management Services department at WorkSafeBC. She completed her bachelor’s of science in kinesiology at the University of Ottawa and her Rehabilitation and Disability Management Diploma at Simon Fraser University. Alyson has worked in various clinical settings, which has provided her with extensive experience in all facets of multi-disciplinary care. Throughout this time, Alyson has worked with a variety of providers and treatment programs where she refined her focus on safe and durable early return to work outcomes. Alyson is known for her expertise in the delivery of disability management services for injured workers. 

Alyson is a member of the International Association of Professionals in Disability Management, holding the internationally recognized Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) designation. Alyson is currently pursuing her master's in disability management, focusing on work disability prevention and early intervention, with a particular interest in return-to-work support for both physical and mental health conditions.

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Start DateTue, Jun 18, 2024
Area of StudyVocational Rehabilitation and Disability Management