The Institute for Diaspora Research & Engagement

The Institute for Diaspora Research & Engagement (IDRE), established in 2013, is constituted as a research institute at Simon Fraser University (SFU). The IDRE was created to promote interdisciplinary research and link that research with community engagement, capacity-building and education.

Diaspora literally means a dispersal of peoples. The Institute’s working understanding of the concept includes “individuals and groups, with a history of migration, whose attachment to two or more locations within or across national boundaries is expressed through organized activities, connections and networks.

The Institute's core mandate is to combine leading interdisciplinary scholarly research on diaspora with community-based research, and engage in innovative, responsive programming and collaborative dialogue, and exchange and partnership with the wider community. These activities build on strong scholarly research on diaspora within and outside SFU, and on relationships and linkages forged with diasporic communities and others interested in diaspora outside the University over the past decade. 

Italian Identity in Vancouver