SFU Surrey Counselling Centre

The SFU Surrey Counselling Centre is a joint initiative of the SFU Faculty of Education and the Surrey School District (SD 36).  The Centre was built to facilitate counsellor education and has six counselling rooms, one of which is equipped as a play therapy room.  The mandate of the Centre is twofold: to provide the highest quality counsellor education to students in the Master's Program in Counselling Psychology and to provide free counselling services to the SD 36 community.

Since the SFU SCC opened in 2008, 80 Counselling Psychology Program graduate students have provided more than 2780 hours of free counselling services to close to 360 individuals. Historically (including 2014/2015) approximately 1 in 3 of the individuals who receive services at the SFU SCC have been students, or parents of students in SD #36.

Contact the SFU Surrey Counselling Centre

9484 122nd Street
Surrey, BC  V3V 4M1

Phone: 604-587-7320

Counselling Services

The SFU Surrey Counselling Centre provides free counselling services for adults, school-aged children, and youth. All counselling is provided by students in the Master's program in Counselling Psychology.

To find out more about our services or to make an appointment, please call us at 604-587-7320.

Counsellor Education

The SFU SCC is a training Centre for students in the Master's Program in Counselling Psychology in the Faculty of Education at SFU.  All students in the Counselling Psychology Program complete an important component of their training as professional counsellors at the SFU SCC: the Supervised Clinic courses.  During these courses, students spend 8 months providing free counselling services to children, youth, and adults in the Surrey community.  The students' work at the Centre is closely supervised by fully qualified counsellors and psychologists who teach in the SFU Counselling Psychology Program and who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of counsellor education. 

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