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Sinclair Centre was built in several stages as different buildings were constructed and added on at different times. The oldest of these buildings was the Post Office.

Construction of the Post Office building began in 1905 and was completed 5 years later in 1910. It was designed by architect David Ewart in an 'Edwardian Baroque style' which combines English and French design features. This building is very distinctive by its 43m clock tower. This distinctive clock was built by John Smith & Sons in 1909.

Construction started on the Winch building in 1908 and was completed in 1911. This building was designed by Thomas Hooper and built by Richard Vance for $700, 000. This building was used as a Class A office building before being sold to the federal government in 1925.

In 1911 construction of the Customs Examining Warehouse began and was completed in 1913. This building was once again designed by architect David Ewart. This building was used by the federal government for examining imported goods until 1958.

The Federal Building was the last section of the Sinclair Centre to be completed. Construction was finished in 1937. Deisgned by architect T.W. Fuller, this building was used as an extension of the already in place post office building.

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Sinclair Centre came to be when these four buildings were restored and joined together by a glass atrium roof in 1986. This was completed by Henriquez Partners Architects and cost $38 million. Sinclair Centre is now an upscale shopping mall. It has a number of upscale retail stores including Castle Milano, L2, Leone and many others. Sinclair Centre also houses the Public Works and Government Services of Canada. These include Candian revenue agency, school of public service, environmental assessment agency, Health Canada and many other services.

Sinclair Centre and its over 100 year old clock tower have become a distinctive landmark of Vancouver.

The Post Office building of Sinclair Centre shortly after completion in 1910.

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