Take a Tour Back in Time

These videos help to provide a contrast between two very different times. Vancouver does not use the Trolley system anymore instead it has catered to the use of the automobile as its main mode of transportation for its residents. You will see similarities in the "hustle and bustle" of city life.

1907 Trolley

In 1907, William H. Harbeck filmed some of the earliest footage of Vancouver. This was to be shown in theatre rooms around North America that that were designed so that the viewer felt that they were riding in the trolley. Numerous trolly videos from around the world would also be shown in these videos. Harbeck's footage was found in the 1990s and was restored and finally put on DVD a full century after it was first filmed. The route used by Harbeck is also used in the 2011 film.

What You Can See

0:49 Old Waterfront Building

1:09- Sinclair Centre



2011 Trolley

In 2011, Wade Mostert, Steven Born and Alan Tabbernor filmed some footage to imitate the 1907 trolley video of Vancouver. Difficulties were met on Granville Street which was closed to public traffic and had to be filmed by foot. In the film you will see that the Granville part was sped up and stabilized. A car was used to film the rest of the footage in order to imitate the trolley. Some parts like Carrell Street had to be filmed in the opposite direction because it became a one way street.

What You Can See

0:38 Hudson's Bay Building, Vancouver Block build

1:34 Sinclair Centre

6:37 Woodwards on the right