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I live in the semi open areas of the mountainous regions. The map to your right shows you where I can and can survive in B.C. I like to hide from humans like to be alone. There are about 13,000 of us in B.C, and that is half of Canada's Grizzly Bear population. Grizzly Population Map I have a thick coat that can be brown, blonde or black. I weigh between 300 and 1500 pounds, or 147 to 680 Kilograms. I can stand up to 9 feet tall and live up to 30 years. I can run up to speeds of 35 miles per hour, much faster than you!
Tired Grizzly takes a nap
Food Sources

I am an omnivore, just like you! That means that I eat plant food and meat. My diet consists of:

  • berries
  • plants
  • insects
  • fish
  • small mammals
  • nuts
  • grasses
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Grizzly Bear Footprints
Loving mother nuzzles cub
I like to swim and play in the water! I also like to roll and slide down hills!
Grizzly cub keeps watch
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