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Ursus actos
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Suitable Habitats for Grizzly Bears in British Columbia
Suitable Habitat Map There are certain places in B.C. that are better for me to live, and some places I cannot live because there are too many people and cars. The map to the right shows the best places for me to live.
Hi! I'm Gary the Grizz. I am a 5 year old Grizzly Bear, and I like to be active in the summer because I sleep all winter long, for six months!
Gary the Grizz
Grizzly Bear profile
I used to live throughout all of North America, but now I have fewer places to live. Logging, hunting and human needs for homes have made my habitat smaller.
My habitat is becoming smaller, and I am becoming more rare because of human actions. I am still hunted for sport, and I lose my homes to other people when they cut down trees for their homes. Trees
Bear and Cub
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