Current Course Outlines

Spring 2019

LS 801: Reason & Passion II
Stephen Duguid, Wednesdays

LS 819: Mercy and Regret
Gary McCarron, Thursdays

LS 810: Performing Modernism in Paris
Sasha Colby, Tuesdays

LS 898: Graduating Seminar
Eleanor Stebner, Mondays

Other Course Options

LS 829: Directed Study provides an opportunity for individual study on a topic of the student's choice, under the guidance of one or more faculty. Arrangements must be approved in advance by the Graduate Program Chair, Gary McCarron. Normally, no more than two such offerings may count toward the Liberal Studies degree. The Directed Study Approval form must be completed and submitted to the GLS office for approval.

Fall 2019

LS 800: Reflections on Reason and Passion
Sasha Colby, Wednesdays

LS 810: Self and Society: Paradigm Shift: Pivotal Changes in the Western Tradition
Anne-Marie Feenberg, Mondays

LS 812: Science and Human Values: The Meaning of Life 
Michael Kenny, Tuesdays

Spring 2020

LS 801: Reason and Passion II
Gary McCarron, Wednesdays

LS 810: Self and Society – Studies in Autobiography
Stephen Duguid, day TBA

LS 815: Urban Inequality and the Just City Karen Ferguson (SFU History/Urban Studies), Tuesdays

LS 898: Graduating Seminar
Sasha Colby, day TBA