All Sessional Instructor (SI), Teaching Assistant (TA), and Tutor Marker (TM) positions will be posted on the Central Job Postings Site.

Dates for Fall 2019 Sessional hires:
Job Postings up by: Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Application deadline: Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Offer period: December 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
Semester Starts:  September 3, 2019

Sessional Instructors

Sessional positions are generally posted on the Central Job Postings Site in mid-October for the Spring term, mid-February for the Summer term, and mid-May for the Fall term. 

All Sessional Instructor positions are regulated by Article XIV of the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU)-SFU Collective Agreement.

Course #    Course Name Location Closing Date
HUM 130-3 D900 - Introduction to Religious Studies
May 28, 2019
HUM 360-4 J100 - Great Themes in the Humanistic Tradition:  Spiritual Ecology
May 28, 2019

Dates for Summer 2019 TA/TM hires:
Job Postings up by: March 21, 2019
Application deadline: April 4, 2019
Semester Starts:  May 6, 2019

Course #  Course Name Location    Closing Date    TA/TM   
HUM 102W-3 Classical Mythology Distance Education April 4, 2019 TM x 1
HUM 130-3 Introduction to Religious Studies Distance Education April 4, 2019 TM x 1
HUM 102W-3 Classical Mythology Distance Education March 11, 2019 TM x 1
HUM 130-3 Introduction to Religious Studies Distance Education March 11, 2019 TM x 1


Articles XIII (A) and XV (A) of the TSSU-SFU Collective Agreement list four TA/TM categories:

  1. Graduate Teaching Assistant 1 (GTA 1). A GTA 1 must be registered at Simon Fraser University for a master's degree or as a qualifying student for a master's program.
  2. Graduate Teaching Assistant 2 (GTA 2). A GTA 2 must be registered at Simon Fraser University for a doctoral degree or as a qualifying student for a doctoral program.
  3. Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA). A UTA must be registered at Simon Fraser University in a program leading to teacher certification, a diploma or a bachelor's degree.
  4. External Teaching Assistant (ETA). An ETA is a person who is not otherwise a full-time employee of the University and who is not a student in any of the categories referred to in a, b or c above.

The Department Chair assigns TAs/TMs to courses based on necessity dictated by enrolment numbers. All posted positions are subject to change based on enrolment and budgetary authorization.

Priority of qualified applicants to TA and TM positions in the Department of Humanities, Graduate Liberal Studies Program, and the Asia Canada Program is in accordance with Article XIII and Article XV of the TSSU-SFU Collective Agreement. In hiring TAs or TMs, the Department of Humanities considers the following applicants:

  1. Graduate students registered in the department
  2. Qualified SFU graduate students registered in other departments
  3. External and/or undergraduate applicants

Note: Graduate students new to SFU, admitted to either the HUM MA or GLS MA or PhD programs will have priority for Introductory Humanities TA/TM assignments. 

Detailed Priority Criteria:

  1. Applicant & Instructor Preference
  2. According to the TSSU Collective Agreement Article XIII, section B: In order to be appointed, a person must have sufficient knowledge in the discipline of the course to interpret the course material.
  3. Dollar value of financial support offered at the time of admission.
  4. Number of base units already received to ensure sufficient teaching-related experience in the field of study.
  5. Past ratings from TA evaluations.
  6. Other previous teaching experience.
  7. Funding for RAships, practicums, and internships.

Note: If an assignment within a priority group requires a selection between applicants, the graduate student without financial support from merit-based scholarships or fellowships with a value equal to at least 5.17 base units, will have priority for the appointment.


The University is committed to the principle of equity in employment.
(See Policy GP 19.)

The information submitted with your application is collected under the authority of the University Act (R.S.B.C. 1996, c.468, s. 27(4)(a)), applicable federal and provincial employment regulations and requirements, the University's non-academic employment policies and applicable collective agreements.

The information is related directly to and needed by the University to initiate the employment application process. The information will be used to contact references supplied by you, evaluate your qualifications and complete the employment process by making a hiring decision.  Applicant information may also be disclosed to the Teaching Support Staff Union in accordance with Article XIII F.3.1.a (iv) of the Collective Agreement.

If you have any questions about the collection, use and disclosure of this information please contact the Associate VP, Human Resources, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6. Telephone 778-782-3237.