Employment Equity


November 28, 1989

Revision Date

July 6, 1992


GP 19

Revision No.


Notice:  Policy GP 19 is in abeyance pending the report and recommendations of SFU’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion community consultation (2018-2019):  https://www.sfu.ca/vpacademic/equity-diversity-and-inclusion.html.  If you have any questions about Policy GP 19 or the community consultation, please contact Kimberly Hart, Special Advisor to the Provost on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (krhart@sfu.ca).


  1. Policy

    1.1 The goal of employment equity at Simon Fraser University is to ensure that no individual is denied access to employment opportunities for reasons unrelated to ability or qualifications, such as gender or race. Consistent with this principle, the University will advance the interests of underrepresented members of the work force, specifically aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, visible minorities and women (the designated groups); ensure that equal opportunity is afforded to all who seek employment at the University; and treat equitably all employees.


  2. Procedures


    2.1 The University has established a program of employment equity to provide a fair and equitable work place and to offer all individuals equal opportunity to develop their potential. Accordingly, the University will identify and eliminate any discriminatory barriers that interfere with employment opportunities in all jobs and at all levels throughout the University. Both current and prospective employees will receive equitable treatment in hiring, training and promotion. The employment equity program will not abrogate collective agreement provisions negotiated between the University and its employee groups.

    2.2 Following recommendations from the Director, Human Rights & Equity, and consultation with departments, the University will:

    * adopt employment equity measures to remove any discriminatory barriers to the employment, training and promotion of aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, visible minorities and women;
    * establish goals and timetables towards achieving a more representative work force.

    2.3 The Director, Human Rights & Equity, is responsible for coordinating the University's efforts to develop and implement an employment equity program. The Director, Human Rights & Equity, shall report to the University Secretary, and shall receive direction from the University Secretary, from the Vice-President, Academic, and from the Executive Director of Human Resources. The Director, Human Rights & Equity, shall be a resource to all members of the University community for information and advice regarding employment equity.

    2.4 Work force representation shall be measured by comparing the SFU work force to the availability of qualified designated group members in the appropriate labour force. Analytical Studies and the Director, Human Rights & Equity, shall collect and monitor aggregate statistics regarding the representation of the designated groups in the SFU work force, and shall report them annually to the University Secretary, and the campus community.

    2.5 The Employment Equity Advisory Committee shall be composed of representatives from all employee groups, Human Resources, the Office of the Vice President, Academic, and four equity representatives from the designated groups. The Committee shall provide advice and assistance to the Director, Human Rights & Equity, regarding the development and implementation of the program. The Committee shall be chaired by the Director, Human Rights & Equity.

    Questions of interpretation or application of this policy or its procedures shall be referred to the President, whose decision shall be final.