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Valencia Forum April 1 - 4, 2002, Valencia, Spain
The Second World Assembly on Ageing, the most important meeting on aging this decade, took place in Madrid, Spain April 8-12, 2002. This assembly brought together delegations from the 192 member states of the United Nations to discuss and finalize an International Strategy Plan of Action on Ageing for subsequent endorsement by the UN General Assembly and implementation by the UN member states.

This document is a revision of the 1982 International (Vienna) Plan of Action. It is intended to provide a blueprint for action by governments in addressing the challenges of population aging, with special emphasis on the developing world. Most of the delegates to the World Assembly were ministers and government officials.

In the week prior to the World Assembly, on April 1-4, 2002, the IAG auspiced the Valencia Forum in Valencia, Spain that brought together researchers, educators and practitioners with expertise in gerontology and geriatrics. The objective was to distill their knowledge and experience on how best to address issues association with global aging as a resource for the World Assembly and beyond.

For a summary report of the Valencia Forum, click here.

NGO World Forum on Ageing - April 5-9, 2002, Madrid, Spain
The IAG was a member of the International Coordinating Committee for the NGO Forum that took place in Madrid, Spain in conjunction with the World Assembly on Ageing. IAG had responsibility for organizing the program concerned with health, which took place on Sunday, April 7. Click here for a report of the NGO Forum.

2nd World Assembly on Ageing - April 8-12, 2002, Madrid, Spain
IAG had the honour of addressing the plenary session of this historic event. Click here for Past-President Gutman's address to the delegates [Real Video]. Former President Gary Andrews also addressed the assembly with respect to findings from the Valencia Forum. Click here for full text [Real Video].

UN Economic Commission for Europe Ministerial Conference on Ageing - September 11-13, 2002, Berlin, Germany
The IAG had three official observers at this follow-up conference convened to implement the Madrid Plan of Action in the European Region. As well, it was nominated to speak at the plenary session on behalf of the NGO community on the topic of access to health care - the education and training of primary health care workers regarding older persons. A copy of this address is available here.

In addition, IAG had input into a statement which was delivered during the final session on behalf of the NGO community. A copy of this statement is available here.

Graduate Education in Gerontology Worldwide: Exploring Options for Cross-National Articulation, Student Exchanges and More - Invitational Workshop, February 25-26, 2004, Richmond, Virginia, USA
This invitational workshop was hosted by IAG immediately prior to the Annual Meeting and Educational Conference of the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE). The workshop brought together 19 educators from 12 countries for two days of intensive discussion about the challenges of recruiting, teaching in and administering multi-disciplinary training programs; the special needs of students who work full time; the pros and cons of courses-only as compared with courses plus thesis and/or plus practicum programs, as well as ways the universities represented might work together. A select sampling of the presentations are available for review.