IRMACS Centre's Infrastructure - Visualization

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One of the key components of an advanced computational research environment is the ability for researchers to observe, explore, and gain insight about complex information. Scientific visualization, the process of creating images from data, is becoming increasingly important as scientific data increases in size and complexity. Visualization is particularly pertinent for interdisciplinary research, as providing tools that help visualize a problem is essential when researchers from different disciplines collaborate.

Visualization Infrastructure

In order to meet the visualization needs of its researchers, the IRMACS Centre has created an advanced scientific visualization environment, ranging from desktop visualization through to large-scale, immersive 3D visualization.

  • The technological centrepiece of the IRMACS Centre is the Presentation Studio. Seating up to 100 users, the theatre can display large-scale, high-resolution, complex scientific data sets using immersive, 3D stereoscopic visualization technology.
  • The IRMACS Data Centric Collaboration Room, ASB 10940, is a new, state-of-the-art collaboration space. Designed to support data-centric research collaborations, this room is equipped with an 84" Ultra High Definition or Quad HD (3840x2160 or 4Kx2K pixels) touch screen display. To our knowledge, this is the only 4K display available on campus, allowing researchers to visualize data at a scale that was not possible before. In additions, this room is equipped with HD video conferencing technologies, making it possible to collaborate remotely with researchers around the world.
  • The IRMACS Visualization Lab has an advanced suite of visualization hardware available for its users. The Lab provides a number of advanced visualization capabilities including a high-resolution LCD display (2560x1600 pixels), a high-resolution tiled LCD display, and a lab-scale immersive 3D visualization system. These systems target the visualization needs of IRMACS researchers that go beyond desktop visualization.
  • For many visualization tasks, using the traditional desktop display on the researcher's desktop is sufficient. IRMACS supports desktop visualization by providing a range of visualization software on all IRMACS computers.

For more details about using the IRMACS visualization infrastructure, please refer to the visualization support page.

Technical Support

IRMACS technical support staff are available to assist researchers with using the IRMACS visualization technology, understanding the capabilities of the IRMACS visualization software, and converting their data into a form that is suitable for display.