Become an IRMACS Member

IRMACS Members

The IRMACS Centre research support structure works on a project based model. Interested team leaders apply to host their projects within the Centre. Once a project is accepted, team members are invited to join

Project team members join by simply filling out the IRMACS Membership Information Form. Project team members who only require virtual access should complete the Virtual Membership Information Form.

Besides a working environment that stimulates collaborative creativity, project team members will appreciate the extensive technologies and support, and the camaraderie of IRMACS. Each project team member gains access to the following package of benefits:

  • the IRMACS lab space projects are assigned to labs in a manner that encourages interaction with other research groups - the scholarly benefits of research clusters are extensive
  • the desktop computing environment, with a single sign-on capability to any computer within the facility
  • the IRMACS state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, including the Centre's data storage and scientific computing technologies
  • the secure physical storage within the labs
  • the technical support
  • the opportunity to belong to a dynamic and diverse interdisciplinary community through a wide range of scientific and social events.

Once IRMACS receives a completed membership information form, the form is processed, lab space is allocated, computer accounts are created, and security cards are issued.

What's expected of Members

The overall expectation of project members is that they will be active participants in the vibrant, interdisciplinary IRMACS research community. More specifically, expectations include:

  • Participation in and sponsorship of interdisciplinary seminars and IRMACS events
  • Scientific interaction with other project groups where appropriate
  • Appropriate use of allocated space and facilities
  • Responsible use of computer accounts, in accordance with the SFU Computing policy
  • Willingness to change lab assignment periodically on request, if necessary
  • Willingness to follow the rules/usage guidelines of the IRMACS Community
  • Payment of card access and storage key fees

Project and Membership Types & Fees

Project and member fees are charged annually for research support on a per project and member basis.

The current research support fee structure as of April 1st, 2015 is as follows:

  • Project Fee ($600/year) - A project fee includes both the benefits of hosting a project at IRMACS and the Project Leader's annual membership fee.
  • Regular Membership ($600/year) - A regular membership (for SFU projects) provides the benefits listed above, but not an assigned desk, instead the researcher may use any of the computers available in the lab the project is assigned to. A regular research membership by month may be arranged at a rate of $50.00/month.
  • Dedicated Membership ($1800/year) - A dedicated membership (for SFU projects) provides the benefits listed above and an assigned, specific desk within the lab the project is assigned to. A dedicated research membership by month may be arranged at a rate of $150.00/month.
  • Industrial Research Membership ($2400/year) - An industrial research membership is a dedicated membership for projects originating outside of traditional academia. This membership provides the benefits listed above and the researcher is assigned a specific desk within a lab. An industrial research membership by month may be arranged at a rate of $200.00/month.

Contact the IRMACS Centre if you have any questions about becoming a member.