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— Interview with Maria Claudia Clemente, founding partner of Labics


Labics was founded by Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori and Marco Sardella in 2002; since 2005 the partners of Labics are Francesco Isidori and Maria Claudia Clemente. All of the three founding members collaborate in the research and teaching activities of 'La Sapienza' University of Rome. Below are a list of several keystone projects. Labics is located in Rome, Italy.

+ Podere 43 (residence), Albinia, Italy, 2003;
+ interior of private residence, Rome, 2002;
+ Santa Maria della Presentazione, Rome, 2001 (with Nemesis);
+ Duke restaurant, Rome, 1998 (with Nemesis)
+ Walkways through Markets of Trajan, Rome, late 2003;
+ Italpromo & Libardi Headquarters, Rome, 2004;
+ Humanitas Teaching Hospital, Rozzano, Milan, 2005;
+ Itama/Cantieri Navale Spa Headquarters, Rome, 2005

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Video/Key Quotes

  1. Discovering the Layers of Romeopen link
  2. Italy & Innovationopen link
  3. The Revival of Rome as a Centre for Design and Innovationopen link
  4. Italy & the Far Eastopen link
  5. The Future of Genuine Italian Designopen link

What We Learned

Maria Claudia shared slides of recent projects that her and her team at Labics has been working on the past four years. For a relatively young firm, the number of projects they have completed is astonishing, gaining world-wide recognition.

Maria Claudia's passion for Rome and for Italy is clear.  She discussed the resurgence of life in Rome that is giving the city and its’ designers new energy, and how Rome is taking on a new role as an innovator.  She and her firm are at the forefront of this innovation.

During the interview, Maria Claudia shared her views on the Far East and explained how Italy can learn from the Far East as much as the Far East can learn from Italy, and how partnerships need to be developed with companies and governments around the world. We have to think globally and act locally as well as think locally and act globally.