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Leznoff Group

Current Collaborations

Materials properties of crystals of our coordination polymers, such as birefringence, piezoelectric/ferroelectric effects and conductivity are measured in conjunction with Prof. Zuo-Guang Ye (SFU)

Muon-spin resonance spectra of our magnetic materials are obtained by us with Prof. Jeff Sonier (SFU Physics) at the TRIUMF cyclotron (see photo).

SFU Chemistry has one of Canada's few functioning Mössbauer spectrometers, an invaluable instrument for determining oxidation and spin-state of iron-containing compounds. Prof. Colin Jones and Dr. Dev Sharma (SFU) oversee this facility and collaborate with us to obtain spectra of our complexes.

Solid-state NMR spectroscopy of our coordination polymers yields valuable information about their structure and is measured and interpreted by the group of Prof. Scott Kroeker (Manitoba).

The low-temperature luminescence of some of our coordination polymers are studied in collaboration with Prof. Howard Patterson (Maine).

DFT calculations of our paramagnetic metal complexes are conducted by Prof. Steven McNeil (UBC Kelowna).

Along with our own X-ray crystallographic endeavours, we also collaborate when appropriate with Dr. Raymond Bachelor (SFU), Dr. James Britten (McMaster), Dr. Gabriele Schatte (Saskatchewan) and Dr. Brian Patrick (UBC) to obtain crystal structures.

We work with Prof. Andrew Bennet (SFU) to study highly oxidized metal complexes.

Using our state-of-the-art SQUID magnetometer facility, we measure and interpret the magnetic properties of transition-metal cluster complexes (Prof. Shane Telfer, Massey Univ. NZ) and lanthanide-containing complexes (Prof. Samuel Johnson, Windsor).

We study metal-containing liquid crystal and silver-containing coordination polymers with Prof. Vance Williams (SFU).

Gold-based thiophene/phosphine complexes and polymers are under investigation in collaboration with Prof. Michael Wolf (UBC Chemistry).