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Research in the Leznoff group is divided into the broad categories of organometallic/coordination chemistry and supramolecular metal-organic materials, both with a focus on paramagnetic compounds. Click on each research area to see details of our recent results and some ongoing projects.

Coordination Polymers with Metallophilic Interactions Paramagnetic Transition-Metal Coordination and Organometallic Complexes Actinide Chemistry

A Multidisciplinary Graduate Experience

The Leznoff group is very multidisciplinary, and graduate students who join my group will experience a blend of synthesis, property measurement and spectroscopic studies. If appropriate, students will be trained in the synthesis and manipulation of air and moisture-sensitive compounds using vacuum-line/Schlenk techniques and a state-of-the-art glovebox system. They will gain experience in an unusually wide range of techniques, including multinuclear NMR (and NMR of paramagnetic complexes), ESR, FTIR, UV-vis kinetics, cyclic voltammetry and thermogravimetric analysis. They are also exposed to a variety of magnetic measurement methods, including the use of a state-of-the-art SQUID magnetometer at SFU. We utilize the brand new SFU Mössbauer facility to study iron complexes and work with SFU physicists to measure muon-spin resonance at the TRIUMF cyclotron. The determination of solid state structures by X-ray crystallography plays a crucial role in our research and we routinely collect diffraction data and solve our own crystal structures. A range of collaborative projects are in place to conduct more specialized physical studies of our molecules.

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