“exposure to media violence increases children’s physically and verbally aggressive behavior”.
-U.S. Surgeon General 2001
Media Analysis Lab
Cultural Product Reviews

Harry Potter Series: This review discusses some of the cultural themes in the series and discuss why the series are popular among children.

Paper Bag Princess: Canadian author Robert Munsch celebrates feisty girls and Michael Martchenko's illustrations capture the tongue-in-cheek quality of this unconventional and light hearted story.


Bop-It Extreme: Apart from the incessant cacophony of noises and instructions emanating from the popular gadget, “Bop-It Extreme” is surprisingly stimulating, challenging and, yes, also extremely addictive.

The Groovy Girls line adheres to this standard and encourages acceptance and diversity though availability in a variety of ethnicities and styles and, unlike Barbie, the Girls do it in a manner which does not promote unhealthy gender stereotypes.

Bob the Builder: whether Bob and his pals deliver positive and constructive messages to their preschool audience, particularly in relation to gender roles and the importance of the relationship between work and play, could be contested and is.


Communication Research Products

Tween Boys and Fashion: Does Clothing Define the Boy?;This study explores the relationship between the changing depictions of men in advertising and the media, focusing on “tween” boys and their clothing choices. Six boys were interviewed in their home environments and were asked questions about what might have influenced their clothing preferences.

By Naomi Weiner

The Influence of Skateboard Media on Protective Gear Use by Children; .
This paper discusses how role models and a lack of representation of protective gear in skateboard media, combined with the skateboarding subculture ethos of masculinity, toughness, and rebellion, are highly influential on children under the age of fifteen to not wear a helmet or use other protective gear. Socioeconomic status and parental enforcement are also explored as potential factors.

By Mariko Glover

T H E P I G G Y B A N K C R I S E S ?; This research report highlights the current economic issues facing children and youth in North American society today. The specific question posed to the reader was how does children's concept of money change their future financial well beginning and what factors do parents, friends and the media play.

By Philipp Postrehovsky and Tyler Janzen



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