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Volume 2, Issue 3 (2008) Pp. 1–128.

A Bibliography of Salish Linguistics
by Jan van Eijk

This bibliography lists materials (books, articles, conference papers, etc.) on Salish linguistics. As such, it mainly contains grammars, dictionaries, text collections and analyses of individual topics, but it also lists anthropological studies, curriculum materials, text collections in translation, and general survey works that have a sufficiently large Salish linguistic content. Criteria for inclusion of items, and the general methodology for assembling a bibliography of this kind, are discussed in the introduction. The work concludes with a list of abbreviations and a language-based index.

This bibliography should be of use to linguists, particularly Salishists, but also to anthropologists and curriculum developers. The bibliography is essentially a sequel to Pilling 1893 (listed in the bibliography), although a number of items listed in that older source are also included here.

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