Crafting Communities Resources: This list shares sources that Vanessa Warne, Andrea Korda and Mary Elizabeth Leighton have authored (together or apart) or contributed to / supported through our shared work on the Crafting Communities project

“Getting Scrappy in the Classroom during COVID-19: Collaboration, Open Educational Resources, and Hands-on Learning for Humanities Students.” Co-authored with librarians Heather Dean and Elizabeth Bassett and published in KULA, this article explores how a digital exhibit supported our students’ creation of collages and also, in some cases, cut-up poetry, to explore Victorian-era scrapbooks and the nineteenth-century periodical press.

“Teaching with the Getty Museum Challenge in Humanities Classrooms.” Published in Currents in Teaching and Learning, this article describes how the Getty Museum’s 2020 challenge to recreate artworks at home provides an adaptable model of hands-on learning for instructors seeking experiential learning opportunities. 

“Experiential Learning in the Victorian: What Can We Learn from the Object Lesson?” This essay, solo-authored by Andrea Korda, appeared in 2022 in Victorian Culture and Experiential Learning (edited by Kevin A. Morrison, Palgrave Macmillan, 2022). NB. This collection includes several notable essays on hands-on learning. We especially like Helana Brigman’s essay on “Cooking the Victorian Recipe.”

Forthcoming in IDEAH summer 2023: “Making Things Together: Collaborating and Mentoring on an OER Project.” Co-authored with Denae Dyck and a group of ten student collaborators, this article links our hands-on crafting work to our team’s experiences with mentoring, professionalization, and collaboration. 

Journal of Victorian Culture Online blog: This trio of blog posts explores the origins of our project and different facets of it – from digital exhibit development to podcasting to online teaching and learning, and - notably-  on crafting as a form of experiential learning with relevance to humanities classrooms.

“Crafting in the Humanities Classroom”: This recorded presentation delivered at the 2022 Festival of Teaching and Learning at the University of Alberta; it shares a record of what two students learned from crafting in the classroom.

Featuring Leith Davis, Claire Battershill, and Tommy Mayberry, this episode of the Victorian Samplingspodcast shares insights and reflections about innovative teaching, including hands-on teaching:

Suggested Reading: these resources have supported work done by the Crafting Communities team and enriched our experimentation with hands-on learning; many of these sources are cited in the publications listed above. We are grateful to Leith for introducing us to Andrew Griffin’s very useful and interesting essay.


On Making

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On Mentoring and Collaboration


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On Accessibility


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