excluding supervisions
Course number Course title
INDG 410 Intro to Editing: Elements of Indigenous Style- January 2022
ENGL 844 Residential School Narratives (for MATE)- Fall 2021
INDG 201 Canadian Aboriginal Perspectives of History
FNST/ENGL 226 150 Years of Indigenous Lit (co-taught with Sophie McCall)
FNST 110W International Indigenous Life-Writing
ENGL 851 Introduction to Indigenous Film and Media (for MATE)
ENGL 101W Intro to Fiction: Canadian Aboriginal Literature
FNST 402W Discourses of Aboriginal Peoples
FNST/GSWS 327 Aboriginal Women in Canada
FNST 329 Sexuality and Gender: Indigenous Perspectives
ENGL 844 New Field, An Emerging Canon: Aboriginal Literatures in Canada


The Spring-Summer 2022 issue of SAIL (Studies in American Indian Literature), co-edited with Dr. Michelle Coupal, is titled "How We Teach Indigenous Literatures". The TOC is below and the essays, and appendices of couse syllabi are availalbe through most academic libraries.