excluding supervisions
Course number Course title
INDG/PUB 410-4 Intro to Editing: Elements of Indigenous Style- January 2025
ENGL 431W-4 Seminar in Indigenous Literatures-January 2025
INDG/ENGL 360-4 Indigenous Popular Writing-Fall 2024
INDG 201W-3 Indigenous Perspectives of History-Fall 2024
ENGL 844 Residential School Narratives (for MATE)- Fall 2021
INDG 201 Canadian Aboriginal Perspectives of History
FNST/ENGL 226 150 Years of Indigenous Lit (co-taught with Sophie McCall)
FNST 110W International Indigenous Life-Writing
ENGL 851 Introduction to Indigenous Film and Media (for MATE)
ENGL 101W Intro to Fiction: Canadian Aboriginal Literature
FNST 402W Discourses of Aboriginal Peoples
FNST/GSWS 327 Aboriginal Women in Canada
FNST 329 Sexuality and Gender: Indigenous Perspectives
ENGL 844 New Field, An Emerging Canon: Aboriginal Literatures in Canada


The Spring-Summer 2022 issue of SAIL (Studies in American Indian Literature), co-edited with Dr. Michelle Coupal, is titled How We Teach Indigenous Literatures. The Table of Contents is below and the journal, with the following essays and appendices of course syllabi, is available through most academic libraries.