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1 OCT 1940 —— Operating


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S-under Construction of a new underpass under the Salzburg and Freilassing S-bahn has forced one-way automobile traffic. However, the trolleys are permitted to go both ways. A traffic signal stops the automobile traffic when a trolley passes in the wrong direction. Photo by Gunter Mackinger. 11 MAR 2006.

S269 Trolley 269 on a snowy day in Salzburg. Photo by Gunter Mackinger. 5 MAR 2006.

S-roadworks Road works forces trolley 274 on route 8 to move over while repairs are being carried out. Photo by Gunter Mackinger. 28 FEB 2006.

S-242 242 on route 2 in Salzburg. Photographer unknown. JUL 2007. Courtesy of Obus Salzburg.

S-rrx An unidentified articulated trolley crossing an electric local rail line. Photographer unknown. JUL 2007. Courtesy of Obus Salzburg.

S-285 Articulated trolley 285 route 6 to Zentrum Parsch. Photographer unknown. JL 2007. Courtesy of Obus Salzburg.

S-283 Rear shot of 283 on route 6. Photographer unknown. JL 2007. Courtesy of Obus Salzburg.

S-pres-artic In the upper photo a preserved trolley. In the lower photo an unidentified articulated trolley. Photographer unknown. 7 DE 2007.

S-144 Salzburg 144. Photographer and date unknown.

S- Articulated Trolley 260 on route 6 to Parsch and a new Solaris that appears to have not been completed. Upper photo by Karl Moosleitner, lower photo by Mattis Schindler. Courtesy TrolleyMotion.

S-four Upper photo: 259 and another trolley at one of the route 3 terminals. Lower photo: Steyr 109 on route 5 and an unidentified trolley, probably a Steyr. Both photos by Gunter Mackinger. Date unknown circa 2008/9. Courtesy TrolleyMotion.

S-R10 Opening day of new route 10 on 14 JUN 2009. The upper photo is at the end of the route. The location of the lower photo is unknown. The articulated trolley is 285. Unfortunately, I do not have any information on the historical trolley. Photo by Jürgen Lehmann. Courtesy TrolleyMotion.

S-301 Solaris 301 being tested in Ostrava. Upper photo by Ales Stejskal; 27 JUL 2009. Lower photo by Gunter Mackinger. 12 AUG 2009. Courtesy TrolleyMotion.

S-302 Upper photo: articulated trolley Solaris 302 next to the information booth set up to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Salzburg system. Photo by Gunter Mackinger. Lower photo: historical trolley next to 123, which was formerly Solingen 040. Photo by Salzburg AG. SEP 2010. Courtesy TrolleyMotion.

S-237-203 Upper photo: Gräf & Stift Low-Floor 237 is first trolley of this model to received the new paint Scheme. Photo by Karl Mossleitner. 25 FEB 201. Lower photo: Gräf & Stift 203 showing the paint scheme of the front end; the rest is advertising. Photographer and date is unknown. Courtesy TrolleyMotion.

S-30 Upper photo: new Solaris 603 going to the city centre from the Mayrwies loop. Lower photo: preserved trolley 123 at Mönschberg operating as the "Long Night of Museums" on "Ring Line M". Photo by Martin Schmelter. 2011. Courtesy TrolleyMotion.

S-14 Upper photo: Solaris 315 waiting to go into service on new route 14. There are six trips in the morning only on school days. Lower photo: Solaris 315 at the intersection of Ignaz-Harrer-Strasse. Photos by Gunter Mackinger. 11 DEC 2011. Courtesy TrolleyMotion.


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