Seattle Trolleybus Photos Eighth Period

28 April 1940 -- Present


This file covers what I call the 'Eighth Period', from roughly 1985 to the present.

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S-5153 Breda duobus #5153 rolls out of the tunnel and into International District station en route to Renton on route 106. Photo by Don Galt. Date unknown. 19 SEP 2009.

S-4173 Gillig 4173 at Mt. Baker Station on opening day. Photo by Richard C. DeArmond


S-4173-2 Gillig 4173 leaving Mt. Baker Station on opening day. In the background are the elevated tracks leading into Mt. Baker Stn. Photo by Richard C. DeArmond. 19 SEP 2009.

S-OH-MB OH shots of the wire switch with on pair connecting to the northbound wires on the #7 Rainier and to the southbound wires on the #7 Rainier. The southbound wires are not in revenue operation. They were installed for future possible revenue service or as an emergency turn. The diesel bus in on route 7. All trolley lines were dieselized on this day except for the 43, 44 and 14. The 36 was extended to Othello and MLK Way S. on this day, but diesels operated on the 36 this day and the following day (Sunday). Photo by Richard C. DeArmond. 19 SEP 2009.

S-4154 Gillig 4154 entering Mt. Baker Station on opening day Photo by Richard C. DeArmond. 19 SEP 2009.

S-4154-2 Another shot of 4154. Photo by Richard C. DeArmond. 19 SEP 2009.

For some inexplicable reason, all photos after the first three came came out in black and white.

S-B/G Upper photo: Breda 4201 on route 49 (Broadway) at 10th Ave. N. and E. Allsion St. Lower Photo: Gillig 4187 southbound on Eastlake Ave. The bridge in the back ground is part of Interstate 5. Photos by Martin Schmelter. 26 MAY 2010. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

S-4156-4255 Upper photo: Gillig 4156 at what appears to be on route 10 on Marion St. Lower photo: Breda 4255 on route 7 near the terminus at Prentice St. Photos by Gunter Mackinger. 16/17 JUN 2011.

S-4187 Gillig 4156 on Third Avenue in downtown Seattle on route 3 to 34th and E. Union. Photo by Gunter Mackinger. 16 JUN 2011. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.


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