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AAI Corporation

AFS Trinity Power Corp.: Flywheels

Alberta Transit

Ararquara Trolleybuses

Athens and Piraeus


Australasia (Warning! Some of the information in here is allegedly incorrect.)

Baltimore Transit: Archives

BCTransit Olio

Beijing and Shanghai Site

Bergen Trolleybuses

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (Shkoda Trolleybus)

Boston Trolleybuses

Bombadier's GLT

Boston SilverLine

Boston Transitway

Braga Trolleybuses

Brazil , Rosario, and Santiago Trolleybus Photos

Brazilian Trolleybus Systems

British Trolleybuses

British Trolleybus Database

British Trolleybus Fleet List (complete)

Brooklyn Trolleybuses

Budapest Trolleybuses

Busdude's Page

Campos Trolleybuses

Cancer Risks due to Diesel Exhaust I

Cancer Risks due to Diesel Exhause II

CTA Trolleybuses

Chicago Transit and Railfan

Chicago Trolleybuses

Chilean Trolleybuses

Cleveland Euclid Corridor

Coimbra I

Coimbra II


Córdoba (photos)

Córdoba (in Spanish)

Cornwall Trolleybuses

Crystalis (French bus building consortium)

Czech Trolleybuses (mostly streetcars) Disconnected.

Czech and Slovak Trolleybuses and Streetcars Disconnected.

Dave's Train Pictures (includes ETBS)

David Wyatt's list of rail and etb systems he has ridden

Dayton: Miami Valley RTA

Dayton: Movie: Flyers and Shkodas (May require special software.)

Dayton: Odds'n'Ends

Dayton: the Last Flyer

Dayton: Whatever Happened to the Clean, Quiet Trolley Coach?

Duluth Trolleybuses

Early Trolleybus Photos

Eastern Europe Photos

Beebread Trolleybuses

Edmonton 60th Anniversary of Trolleys

Edmonton Fleet Roster

Edmonton: Martin Parsons

Edmonton Transit System

Electric City

Electric Tbus Group, the

Electric Trolleybuses by Yerkes


Esslingen Timetables (in German)

Esslingen Trolleybus System (in German)

Evaluation of Dual Mode Trolleybus Programs (Not found, see etb technical information.)

France: History of the French Trolleybus (in French)

Frequently Asked Questions

Fura-Fila Guided Rail Trolleybus

The Fura-Fila

The Fura-Fila 2

The Fura-Fila 3

Furrer & Frey ETB Overhead

Furrer & Frey ETB Overhead

German Trolleybuses and Preservation

Germany: Photos

Guangzhou, Kazan, Moscow, Shenzhen, St. Petersburg, Ulaan Baatar, Vladimir, and Xian Maps

Guayaquil (political proposal for etbs)

Hamilton OH Map

Hamilton Rollsigns

Hamilton Trolleybuses

Hastings Trolleybus Restoration

History of French Trolleybus Systems (in French)

Hong Kong Report on ETBS

Hong Kong Press Releast on ETBS

Hong Kong Dennis Demonstrator (DDA2202 Dragons--to be converted to trolleybus)

Hybrid Electric

IRM: ETB Photos

Italian Systems

Johannesburg and Athens

Jon Bell's Transit Page

John Day's Page

K&M Overhead

The Kaman Trolleybus

Kabul (brief reference)

Kathmandu (brief reference)

Kathmandu Trolleybus System

Ken Josephson's Homepage

Kiepe Elektrik

Kiepe Elektrik: Cowl Base

Kitchener Trolleybuses

Khimki Trolleybuses

Krasnodar Trolleybuses



Lombard-Gérin System

London -- Bernard Taskers Site

London -- Croydon area

London -- Proposal

London -- Electric Buses I

London -- Electric Buses II

London Trolleybus Withdrawal

Los Angeles Trolleybus

Lublin Trolleybuses I

Lublin Trolleybuses II

Lyon Trolleybuses I

Lyon Trolleybuses II

MacDonald Video Productions

Magdeburg Trolleybuses

Magnet Motor

Marcopolo (Bus Builder)

Marmon Herrington

Marseille Trolleybuses I

Marseille Trolleybuses II

Medellín Trolleybus

MEHVA (Seattle)

Mérida Trolleybus Project I

Mérida Trolleybus Project II

Mérida Trolleybus Project III

Mexico Transport Group

Miami Valley RTA Online (Dayton)

Milan: Azienda Transporti Milanesi

Milan: Socimi Trolleybus


Misc.Transport.Urban-Transit FAQ, the

Modern Trolleybuses

Montevideo, History of (in Spanish)

Montréal Notes

Moscow Electric Transit

Moscow Trolleybus Site (largely unreadable since it is in Cyrillic which comes across as jibberish on non-cyrillic screens.)

Mountain Trolleybus Line, A

Mühleberg Photo

MVRTA Odds and Ends


Nancy GLT (part trolleybus)

Nancy: Feu vert pur le tramway!

Nancy 'Tram' on Tires

Nancy Project (in French)

New England Transportation Site




Ohio Museum of Transport

Ohio: History of Systems

Oporto Trolleybuses

Oubeck: Trolleys, Buses, Streetcars

Philadelphia Trolleybuses


Poland: Luca Tunisini's Site

Polish Trolleybuses

Poneke's Weblog (Wellington site)

Quito Trolleybuses I

Quito Trolleybuses II

Rail and Trolleybus Transit Cities

Railfan Europe Picture Gallery.


Ribeirão Preto Trolleybuses

Riga, Latvia Trolleybuses

Rio de Janeiro Trolleybuses

Rob's Transit Trips

Rosario Trolleybuses I

Rosario Trolleybuses II

Russian Trolleybus Site I

Russian Trolleybus in a peculiar site

Saft Batteries for Trolleybuses

Salzburg Trolleybuses (Heaven)

Salzburg Trolleybuses (W. Auer)

Salzburg Trolleybuses (Salzburger Stadtwerke)

San Francisco--MUNI


Sao Paulo: Fifty Years of Trolleybuses

Sao Paulo -- SPTrans


Seattle Trolleybus Links

Shanghai Coach

Shkoda Trolleybus Site

Siemens: Hub Motors


Sofia Trolleybuses

Sollingen Trolleybuses

South America I

South America II

South American Manufactures

Swiss Trolleybus Society

St, Petersburg Model Tolleybuses


Tallinn Trolleybuses

The Last Trolleybus

The Trolley Stop

Toronto: the Last Trolleybus

Toronto Trolleybuses (Fleet)

Toronto Trolleybuses (1)

Toronto Trolleybuses (2)

Toronto Trolleybuses (3)

Toronto Trolley Coach Roster

Toronto TTC 9035

Trackless Trolleys Were Cost Effective


Transit in Worldwide Cities

Transit Toronto


Transport Company Web Station, the


Trolleybus, the

Trolleybus Alert

Trolleybus Association (Great Britain)

Trolleybus Data

Trolleybus Magazine

Trolleybus Pioneers in Latin America

Trolleybus Survey Results (Vancouver)

Trolleybus Web Ring

Trolleybuses Galore

Trolleybuses in Portuguese Speaking Countries


Two Historic Occasions (Vancouver)

U.S. Department of Transportation

Ulaanbaatar Bus Lines

Valparaiso City Transit

Valparaiso Trolleybuses (in Spanish)

Vancouver: BCTransit Schedules and Routes

Vancouver Brill 2040

Vancouver Brill 2416

Vancouver: Coast Mountain Bus Company

Vancouver: 50 Years of Trolleybuses--Anniversary


Walford Arches Trolleybus Museum (model layout)



Wellington Trolleybus Page, the

Xmel'nits'kyi Page

Year 2000 Trackless Trolley Calendar


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Links to Photos, little text:

Dayton PS 376


Osaka Trolleybuses


San Francisco: Flyer on Nob Hill

San Francisco: Twin at OERM A really sad scene.


A Toronto Packard Trolleybus

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