Former Zürich Trolleybus Routes


 Route  Destination   Opened  Altered  Notes
 A  Albisriederplatz - Spiriplatz  1942  1954  Renumbered as route 33.
 B Bezirksgebäude - Limmatplatz - Bucheggplatz  1939  1954  Renumbered as route 32.
 C  Klusplatz - Witikon  1946  1954  Renumbered as route 34.
 31  Schlieren - Burgwiest  1956  1979  Cut back from Burgwies to Heigebachplatz. Wires not removed until the early 90s when the plan to convert part of Burwiest streetcar (tram) depot was discarded because it would have been more difficult to conmvert than previously envisaged. This has been the only cut back in the system.
 74  Holzerhurd  1975  1999  Merged with route 32.

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