Zürich Trolleybus Routes


 Route  Destination  Opened  Notes
       Originally, all bus routes were identified by letters. The numbering replaced the lettering later. In 1954, routes A, B and C were renumbered to 32, 33 and 34, respectively.
 31  Hegibachplatz - Schlieren  1956  Originally opened from Burgwies -- Hardplatz, replacing streetcar (tram) route #1. In 1957 it was extended via Farbhof to Schlieren replacing part(?) of streetcar (tram) line #2. Section from Kircdhe Fluntern to Albisriedeplazt dieselized for construction of a bridge in 1965. Reverted back to trolleys in 1971.
 32  Strassenverkehrsamt - Holzerhurd  1939  Formerly route B. In 1948 extended to Goldbrunnenplatz. In 1952, extended to Utohof. In 1974, a single lane for trolleybuses operaating in both directions was installed controlled by a signal block. Extended from Bucheggplatz to Holzerhurd by incorporating route 74 as an extenstion of 32 in MY 1999. The original line ran from Bezirksgebäude to Bucheggplatz.
 33  Morgental--Tiefenbrunnen    Formerly route A. Extended from Toblerpatz (or Kirche Fluntern) to Tiefenbrunnen in NO 1998. Route 33 is the longest route with about 31 stops in the city. The exact length of the route is not known.
 34  Klusplatz - Kienastenwies (in Witikon)    Formerly route C. This route was initially isolated from the rest of the trolley system. In 1956, a connection was built to the rest of the network. Extended from Litikon to Loorenbstrasse in 1971.
 46  Hauptbahnhof - Rütihof  1995  
 72  Milchbuck - Triemli  1994  
 74  Holzerhurd  1975-1999 Taken over by route 32 in MY 1999.

Former Zürich Trolleybus Routes

Source: Trolleybus Magazine and D. Roth and Gerry Cork's site: Trolleybus Route History

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