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27 MAY 1939 — Operating


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Z2 Rear shot of a Mercedes trolleybus on a rainy day on route 31. Photo by Ed Filiatrault. Date unknown.

Z16 Zurich (ZVV) Mercedez Benz articulated trolleybus 27 at the Milchbuck terminus of route 72. Photo by Gerry Cork. Date unknown.

Z17 Zurich (ZVV) Mercedez Benz trolleybus 27 passes similar design single deck Mercedes at Milchbuck. Photo by Gerry Cork. 4 JN 03.








The above pictures of the double articulated trolley are the test trolley borrowed from Geneva. There are five doors. I believe that the number of the trolley is 783. Courtesy TrolleyMotion. Photographer unknown. 23 DEC 05.

Z10 1988 Mercedes Benz 30 on route 33 heading for the Bahnhof Tiefenbrunnen terminus (railway station). Submitted by Zachary Jiang. Photographer and date unknown. This could be a press release.

ZDdraw Drawing of right side, top-down view and side view of seating arrangement of a double articulated trolley to be manufactured for Zurüch. Artist unknown. 15 JUL 2005. Courtesy TrolleyMotion.

199 Hess 199 on loan from Geneva testing in revenue service on route 31 to Heglbachplatz. Photo be H. Schaffer. 25 JAN 2006. Courtesy TrolleyMotion.

Z1 Another shot of 199.

Z2 And another shot of 199. Both pictures courtesy Proaktiva.

Z-dblart32 A double articulated trolley on route 32. These normally run on route 31. Photo by Horst Schaffer. 20 JAN 2009. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

Z-142 Articulated Mercedes Benz 142 on route 72 to Milchbuck. Photo by Andrew Moglestue. Date 2008/9. Courtesy Proaktiva.

Z-151 Hess 151 at Bucheggplatz on route 32. This has a new style destination sign compared with the photo below. Photo by Andrew Moglestue. Date 2008/9. Courtesy Proaktiva.

Z-125 Hess 125 at Bucheggplatz on route 72. This trolley has the older style destination sign. Photo by Andrew Modlestue. Date 2008/9. Courtesy Proaktiva.

Z-77 Double-articulated trolley on route 32 leaving Bucheggplatz. Photo by Jürgen Lehmann. 16 JUL 2010. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

Z-65-4128 Upper photo: New Hess double-artic (light tram) 65 in front of the Railway Stration (Hauptbahnhof). This model has a lithium ion battery for off-wire use unlike the previous model with an auxiliary diesel engine. The new model is 100% green It will go into sservice on route either route 31 or 32 or both. Route 31 has 7 1/2 minute headways and route 32 has five minutes headways. Once the new model is delivered, there will be 27 double artics in Zürich. 4 JUL 2011. Lower photo: Mercedes Benz 4128 (ex-33) now is used as a training trolley for new drivers. Here is is on the Schöneggstrasse. 19 NOV 2011. Photo bys by Jürgen Lehmann.

Zurich is planning to order some more double articulated trolleys similar to the one above to enhance the double artics already on route 32 which make it 100% double artic. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.


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