/ Donors make the difference / 2010/11 Report to Donors

Cathy Daminato, Vice-President, Advancement and Alumni Engagement

In this challenging time of cutbacks and economic restraint, it says a lot about the enduring commitment of Simon Fraser University’s donor community that 2010 turned out to be our best fundraising year ever.

Thanks to your unprecedented support, we raised $52 million—more than double the dollars raised last year.

And I can assure you, every single dollar makes a difference: to students, who in a tough economy rely more than ever on scholarships and bursaries to meet their educational goals; to faculty, whose groundbreaking research unlocks knowledge and contributes to social, environmental and economic betterment; and to communities that benefit from our myriad outreach programs and initiatives.

This report highlights our most generous supporters and their transformative gifts. But I also want to extend heartfelt thanks to the many alumni, employees and other friends from whom we receive the majority of our donations.

You are the bedrock of our annual giving campaigns and we are most grateful for your continued support.


Cathy Daminato, Vice-President, Advancement and Alumni Engagement