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BISC 305 Animal Physiology

An overview of animal physiology, examined at the molecular, cellular, organ,
organ system and whole organism level.
Topics include:
•    Endocrine and cell signalling systems
•    Neurobiology and sensory systems
•    Muscle physiology
•    Cardiovascular physiology
•    Respiratory physiology
•    Ion and water balance
•    Digestion
•    Locomotion
•    Thermal physiology

BISC 405 Neurobiology

This lecture course covers many aspects of cellular and molecular neuroscience.
Topics include: Cellular and subcellular organization of the nervous system, electrical
properties of neurons, ion channel structure and function, neurotransmitters, synaptic
transmission, signal transduction mechanisms,second messengers, sensory systems,
motor systems, learning & memory and neurodegenerative diseases.Students will also
become familiar with cellular and molecular techniques employed in modern neuroscience