Prospective Students                                                                     

Please contact me at the email address listed under "contact" to discuss the possibility of
joining my lab. I am always happy to discuss potential graduate and undergraduate
projects in my lab.

Undergraduate Students

I feel that experience in a research lab is an essential part of an undergraduate science degree.
As such I encourage students in my lecture courses to pursue BISC 498/499/ISS projects and
accept many in my lab.
The experience is quite unique and very different from other
undergraduate laboratory courses. Students in my lab pursue an independent research project
and obtain hands-on experience in modern neuroscience research techniques including cell culture,
molecular biology and fluorescence microscopy. Spaces are limited, so please contact me
well in advance of the semester in which you are interested in pursuing a research project.

Graduate Students

Availability of positions is subject to available funding, please contact me to discuss.
Prospective graduate students should also click the following link for information
on the graduate program in Biological Sciences
I am also a participant in the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Neuroscience.