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The Student Evaluation of Teaching and Courses Project

The Student Evaluation of Teaching and Courses (SETC) Project: Implementation phase

In 2012, SFU launched the Teaching and Course Evaluation (TCE) Project "to develop an updated instrument and process for student evaluation of teaching that reflects new understanding from educational research on such evaluations." The project was seen as "an opportunity to consider how these evaluation processes could be used to gather information on student learning, and thus to focus less on student perceptions of instructors, and more on how students learn."

The implementation phase of the project, which includes pilots in summer and fall 2015, will launch the new system and develop policies, infrastructure and support systems to ensure that it serves the needs of instructors and students as effectively as possible. The implementation phase will be known as the Student Evaluation of Teaching and Courses (SETC) Project.

This website provides information about the new system and the implementation process. Take a look around and contact the project team if you have any questions.

A note about the name

The consultation phase of this project was labelled the “Teaching and Course Evaluation Project.”

The implementation phase has been designated the “Student Evaluation of Teaching and Courses (SETC) Project” to highlight the centrality of student perspectives.

What's next

JUL 8  Pilot instructors in Health Sciences begin selecting questions

JUL 13  Pilot instructors in Education begin selecting questions

JUL 27  Students in summer pilot courses begin filling out evaluations