A better way to evaluate
SFU’s new online course evaluation system

New: On June 13, SFU welcomed Juanitta Dare as its new course evaluation systems specialist. Juanitta is based in the Teaching and Learning Centre and will provide support to academic units involved in the evaluation process.

In 2012, SFU launched a project “to develop an updated instrument and process for student evaluation of teaching that reflects new understanding from educational research on such evaluations.”

The project led to the selection of an online system for student evaluation of teaching and courses (SETC) to replace the University’s paper-based evaluation process. The new system is being implemented in stages.

At the same time, the implementation team is developing policies, infrastructure and support systems to ensure that the new system serves the needs of instructors and students as effectively as possible.  

This website provides information and resources for instructors, administrators and students. Please take a look around and contact the project team at setc@sfu.ca if you have any questions.

Activity update

JUN 21  Question selection opens for Summer instructors

JUN 28  Summer session classes start

JUL 4  Question selection closes for Summer instructors

JUL 26  Evaluation period opens for Summer courses

AUG 8  Evaluation period closes for Summer course | Summer classes end