SETC for administrators

The SETC system relies heavily on SFU departmental administrators and staff for technical expertise, administration within academic units, and assistance with data and reporting needs. If you are a departmental administrator, this page is for you—check it for updates about important dates and procedural information.

Frequently asked questions

Which courses are currently in the SETC program?

All Faculties have adopted SETC in Summer 2020.

Are sessional instructors included in the evaluation process?

Yes, the TSSU has requested that their sessional instructors be evaluated using the SETC system for Spring 2021. SETC will inform departments of any changes.

Are teaching assistants included in the evaluation process?

No, currently the system is set up to evaluate only “primary” instructors and courses. We hope to expand the system to include teaching assistants and tutor-markers in the future. For now, please continue to conduct pen-and-paper evaluations for teaching support staff and secondary sections (for example, lab sections).

When do evaluations happen?

Typically students may access the online evaluation forms during the last two weeks of class. For specific dates, please check the SETC homepage.

When and how do students and instructors hear about the course evaluations? How can we (departmental administrators) and instructors know when students receive their evaluation invitations? 

Students receive an email inviting them to evaluate their course two weeks before the last day of class. They can log in at any point during the final two weeks to complete their online evaluation. Students also receive email reminders during this period.

Instructors receive a similar email on the same date letting them know that the evaluation period has opened and when it will close. Please encourage them to provide students with time in class to complete the evaluations.

For a list of important dates each semester, you can check the SETC homepage.

How do instructors access their reports? Do I need to provide them with login information?

You don’t need to provide login information to instructors. They can log in to the SETC system directly at:

Once they are logged in, they can click Reports in the left sidebar.

Does the SETC support team organize information sessions for instructors or are departments expected to provide that?

Currently, the SETC team does not organize information sessions for instructors—our immediate focus is on working out processes (data, reporting, planning, etc.) with departmental administrators. We encourage you to remind instructors to engage with their students about the importance of filling out the evaluations.

Will I need to field a lot of questions from instructors?

Because we are just starting out, the volume of questions is hard to predict. If you receive questions that you're unsure about, please tell the inquirers to contact the SETC team at Remind instructors that this project is still in the early implementation phase and we are working out the hiccups.