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March 20, 2012

This report on Simon Fraser University in the news lists the main items of known media coverage from 9 a.m. Pacific Monday March 19  to 9 a.m. Pacific Tuesday March 20.
The report is compiled and distributed by SFU Public Affairs & Media Relations.

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  • The federal government announced to media funding for six new research-and-development projects aimed at producing lighter material alternatives for cars and enhancing battery efficiency for vehicles.
    Industry Canada listed one of the six this way: “Simon Fraser University received over $5 million to work on a new generation of fuel cells that hold great potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.
    “For this project, 17 scientists and engineers from nine universities across Canada will work on reducing the production costs of this new technology. Dr. Steven Holdcroft is partnering with Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation, Ballard Power Systems Inc., BIC Inc., General Motors of Canada Limited, Hydrogenics and Hyteon Inc.”
    Holdcroft is working on polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) that now need high amounts of platinum. His project will work on reducing the cost of PEMFCs through the exploration of alternative metals and advanced layer structures.
    Full news release:
    Backgrounder (PDF):


  • The Vancouver Sun looked at the gridlock produced by bicycles in bike-friendly Copenhagen, and quoted SFU’s Gordon Price on what could happen here.
    “Gordon Price, director of Simon Fraser's City Program, said Vancouver is never likely to reach the same scale of cycling numbers as Europe but problems of gridlock—and associated issues like rising tensions and road rage—can happen anywhere a lot of people sharing the same space, whether they're in a car, on foot or pedalling a bicycle.
    “Take the Stanley Park seawall on a hot, summer day when it's overrun with cyclists, rollerbladers and families out for a walk. Or the Galloping Goose in Victoria, where Price has seen road rage first-hand among the users, ‘mostly because they don't know what they're doing.’
    “And just wait, he said, until the electric scooters start hogging the separated bike lanes. ‘It doesn't take very much when a system is running close to its designed capacity,’ he said. “
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  • The Vancouver Sun and Victoria Times Colonist picked up a Postmedia News story in which SFU’s Fabio Feldman and Gloria Gutman were quoted on technology to alleviate falls by seniors.
    The story said: “From offices with flex-floors to injectable heart monitors and mobile medication alerts, experts predict our job sites could one day come to offer a standard of safety approaching that of a care facility.
    “‘This is the kind of thing that will allow people to work into their 70s and 80s,’ says Fabio Feldman.” He is an adjunct prof in SFU Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology and manager of seniors’ fall and injury prevention at Fraser Health.
    Gutman, director emerita of SFU’s Gerontology Research Centre, said: “You could think of gerontechnology as the idea of, ‘What can we (make) that will allow people to do that for as long as possible? . . .
     “The big myth is that you have to make huge adjustments, when mainly all you have to do is increase the intensity of the lights and make sure you have a good sound system. But if you can (afford to) get a robot that can do the vacuuming, why not?’’
    The story also ran in the Nanaimo Daily News and the Edmonton Journal.
    Full story:


  • Burnaby Now reported that the Clan men’s soccer team tied 3-3 with Trinity Western University in an exhibition game in Langley.
    Carlo Basso scored two goals and Chris Bargholz one for the Clan. “SFU gave up a pair of penalty kicks to TWU's Braden Gant, including the game-tying spot kick in the final minutes of play.”
    Full story:
  • SFU Athletics told media how SFU wrestlers fared last weekend in the Canadian Wrestling National Championships at Brock University, St. Catharines ON.
    Justina Di Stasio wrestled in both junior and senior events, winning gold in the junior and bronze in the senior in the 72kg division.
    The Clan’s junior women wrestlers won two more gold medals: Ashley Topnik at 59kg and Darby Huckle at 44kg. Another SFU student with a medal was Nikkie Brar, who won bronze at 48kg.
    On the men’s side, sophomore Jessy Sahota took home a silver medal as he was defeated by SFU student Sunny Dhinsa in the gold-medal match at 120kg in the junior freestyle.
    Dhinsa also won gold in the senior 120kg freestyle competition and the senior Greco-Roman competition.
    Rounding out the Clan wrestlers were Manvir Sahota, who claimed silver at 84kg, and Sukhan Chalal won bronze at 55kg.
    Clan news release:
    New Westminster Record:




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