Creative Services honoured at 2014 Columbus International Film Festival

November 28, 2014

SFU’s Creative Services team has been honoured with major awards at the prestigious 2014 Columbus International Film Festival. The two award winners won distinction in the Short Form Arts Documentary and the Short Form Promotional Documentary categories.

Videomatica, directed by Joel Schwarz and produced by Kevin Teichroeb on behalf of Gwen Bird, Dean of Libraries, won a Chris Statuette for best short arts documentary. The video focuses on how SFU gained access to the entire Videomatica documentary collection and explores how these films will have an ongoing impact on communities both on and off campus.

SFU Vancouver Celebrates 25 Years, directed/produced by Kevin Teichroeb, camera/edit by Chad Galloway, and camera/lighting by David Brigden on behalf of Laurie Anderson, Executive Director of SFU's Vancouver campus, won Honourable Mention in the short promotional documentary category. The video celebrates the evolution of the Vancouver campus and its impact on the city over the past quarter century.

Both documentaries were executive produced by Creative Services Manager Ivana Filipovic. Creative Services is a division of SFU Communications and Marketing | External Relations.

The awards were presented at the 62nd Annual Awards Ceremony on Nov. 22 at the Columbus College of Art & Design. The festival encourages and promotes the use of film and video in all forms of education and communication.